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Belinda Baillie

Working with the energy of a conversation and dancing with the magic

Theme: Competence
Area: Mentoring & Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Wednesday, Mar 01, 15:25
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My mentoring journey began as a child with the most amazing mentor for a father. His loving guidance and compassionate style saw me blossoming into taking on my own mentoring role in my early 30s. Having worked in a variety of careers and ending up burnt out from many of them, my passion evolved into training mentors and coaches, and teaching self-care, self-awareness and reflective practices to anyone in the helping professions.

I love to delve into what gets in the way of desired success and assist those who work with me to gain insights, create personal transformations and continue to evolve and grow into the best version of themselves. I find it fascinating to explore the energy of an interpersonal interaction and bring awareness to the conversation so the client gains insights for themselves and creates their own internally generated revelation and shifts in consciousness, transferring that into their lives. 8 years ago I wrote it all down and put it into a course which I now enjoy sharing with others through my Mentor and Coach training programme with the Global Coaching Academy.

I also offer mentoring, coaching, coaching supervision, small business coaching, personal development, spiritual development and facilitation for groups, individuals and organisations.


There is magic all around us – not the “fairy” kind of magic, but the real and grounded magic of a transformation that happens in a mentoring or coaching conversation. Dancing with this magic is what we all aspire to in our work. But what is it really? And what gets in the way of it?
“Magic happens where it will”. What we have to do is to know what’s going on in our own energy system so we can be deeply in tune with our clients, enabling us to notice more and reflect more clearly. And then the magic can begin to unfold.

In this presentation we will explore the dynamics of the energy of a conversation and how to manage your own energy in all situations.
We’ve all had those ‘interesting’ moments in our work when things get tricky and we wish we could hit ‘pause’ and go speak with our supervisor.
But what if you had a simple tool that would help you come back to centre, be aligned and remain calm in the face of potential turmoil?
Come journey with me and explore the magic of energy exchanges and what you can do about it.

Walk away with a simple practice which you can use today, for the rest of the conference and then out into your world to help you stay present and ‘in the zone’.

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