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Denise Whitworth, Kalina Grela-Łężak and Robert Łężak

EMCC International Accreditation

Session on Thursday, Mar 02, 16:45
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Denise Whitworth is EMCC International Vice-president of Accreditation.

Kalina Grela-Łężak is a Coach and Mentor, with an EIA accreditation by EMCC at Practitioner Level. She is a Psychologist specialising in Social Psychology and Psychotherapy. She has been connected with psychology of business for 20 years as a trainer, consultant and a coach. Previously, as a manager with 15 years experience she was coordinating teams of 9-15 people. Now she is CEO of Norman Benett a coaching and training company in Poland existing since 2001. She is a lecturer and supervisor at the Norman Benett Academy and High Schools in Poland. In 2008 Kalina was co-founder of EMCC Poland and a Board member for two terms. She launched the first EQA course in Poland and has recently launched EIA through Norman Bennett in Poland and is in the process of becoming EMCC International Assessor.

Robert Łężak is a Coach and Manager with 20 years experience in the advertising industry. He teaches coaching at the Norman Benett Academy, Leon Kozminski University, Warsaw School of Economics, and the Warsaw School of Management. Since 2008 he has actively worked as a Coach developing potential managers and leaders in many organisations. He leads groups and individual supervisions. For over 15 years he has been associated with the advertising industry. He has experience with managing three advertising agencies as Managing Director. Robert was responsible for team Key Account Managers, web designers and Graphic Designers. Production Manager films, multimedia projects manager and the organiser of trips and events. Currently, he is Marketing Director of Norman Benett, responsible for product development and new product personal development with travel which is called Coaching Travel. He has already organised trips to Crete, Madeira, Sicily, Jamaica and India. He is also practices Buddhist meditation. He is a student of the Tibetan school Benche Karma Kamtsang. Also a traveller, filmmaker, dive master with 10 years experience, a paraglider with 15 years experience. Throughout his projects he combines elements of conscious cognitive activity through experiencing, experimenting and practice skillful methods as a target in the development of personal spiritual and internal cohesion. Participants reach goals through the better understanding of the reality around them, social harmony and heightened optics and intuitive THUS achiving better business and personal performance. Currently he is in the process of becoming an EMCC International Assessor of EMCC and helping to launch EIA accreditation in Poland through Norman Bennet. He has an EIA accreditation at Practitioner level.


The aim of this session is to explore opportunities for professional mentoring, coaching and supervision accreditation with EMCC, and to respond to delegate questions in relation to accreditation. The EMCC dynamic and rewarding Assessment process, recognises the quality of programme design and delivery, and the significance of successful coaching, mentoring and supervision practice supported by reflective practice, ongoing CPD and supervision. Continuous learning is valued and celebrated.

We will present during the session an overview of the EMCC International Research Project investigating programme accreditation, embedding the concept of individual accreditation into EMCC programme delivery, and recognising prior accredited learning and experience. The Research Project established in 2016 includes 12 countries and 16 EMCC Programme Providers and their Alumni.
Kalina Grela-Łężak and Robert Łężak, from the Norman Benett Group, EMCC European Quality Award (EQA) Provider in Poland and contributors to the Research Project, will be showcasing their journey and Case Study.

Alongside, additional Research Project Case Studies will be presented by EMCC EQA Providers Shelley Crawford – Kingstown College Ireland, and Vincent Traynor – Sheffield Hallam University UK, and EMCC European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA) Provider, Damian Goldvarg – The Goldvarg Consulting Group USA.

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