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The outlook for research

Zoltán Csigás

Session on Thursday, Mar 02, 10:55
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Zoltán Csigás has a background in psychology, with an MA obtained at ELTE in Budapest and with current PhD studies. He builds his practice on several years of consulting experience that he has gained in different fields (e.g. PR, HR, OD). For more than seven years he has been working with GROW Group, a Budapest based OD consultancy firm, where he holds the position of Research Director. He was elected EMCC International Vice-president of Research in 2015.


Research is one of the three main pillars of EMCC International’s activity. The main aims of which is to inform the standard setting role of EMCC, and to support the achievement of our vision to become the ‘Go to body’ for coaching and mentoring. In this session the EMCC International Vice-president of Research will give an insight into the current organisation of the Research activities. What are the main working areas, current projects and how does the organisation of the volunteer teams work behind the scenes? Besides the present the session will be a place for discussion regarding the future of research – inviting you to share your ideas, needs and reflections. Also the current plans for future research activities will be introduced.

This is a great opportunity to find our what is happening in EMCC International Research arena and to help shape the future. You can also learn how you can be involved or keep in touch with progress.

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