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Eve Turner & Dr Jonathan Passmore

When the police come calling – how safe are your notes? Confidentiality, record keeping and ethical decision making.

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Discussion

Session on Thursday, Mar 02, 12:30
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Eve Turner is the current holder of the prestigious 2015 EMCC European Coach of the Year Award, and also won 2015 Best Research Article award from Coaching at Work magazine. She has Master Executive Coach and Supervision accreditation and was one of the first two supervisors in Europe accredited by the EMCC. Eve’s background includes senior leadership in the BBC and qualifications include an MBA and MSc. Eve works systemically with groups and individuals and has successfully set up a Global Supervisors’ Network for qualified and experienced supervisors which runs virtual CPD sessions monthly.

Dr Jonathan Passmore is a chartered psychologist, he holds five degrees and is a professor at the University of Evora and MD at Embrion. He has written/edited twenty-two books, over 100 peer review papers and book chapters. His current focus is an eight volume, two million word, Wiley Handbooks of Organisational Psychology. His work has been recognised through several awards including the ABP Chairs Award for Excellence in 2015 and the Association for Coaching Global Award in 2010.


‘The police have just been in touch and want to seize the notes on one of my clients…’ If you were the coach how would you deal with this? If you were their supervisor how would you respond to this question?

This presentation will start with small group discussion of dilemmas based on real events, and will broaden into considering wider issues of note taking, record keeping and access to information for coaches and supervisors and include top tips drawing on advice from the coaching and mentoring professional bodies, lawyers and insurers. We anticipate the topics might include:

• How clear is our contracting around our note-taking and record-keeping?
• What sort of notes do we take?
• How do we store them?
• When and how do we destroy them and do we have a stated policy?
• Are we registered with the relevant authorities for data protection in our country? Should we be? How does this impact on us?
• How do we protect confidentiality and in what circumstances might we breach this?
• What are the solid foundations we can put in place to support us should either our clients, organisations or courts/the police ask for notes?

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