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Florence Dambricourt & Trevor Horne

Building bridges’ a model for facilitating communication

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experimental

Session on Friday, Mar 03, 10:45
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Florence Dambricourt was born in France and got the coaching bug with her first job working at sea in seismic research in 1999. Scientific by education, socio-psychologist by pleasure, she was suddenly with her own little closed society to study and assist – a boat crew. With knowledge in socio-psychology, English teaching, journalism, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), neurosciences and coaching, Florence works as a coach and trainer. Through her coaching she focuses on developing autonomy (and authenticity) at the individual level and she sees coaching methodology as a key element to help redefining education and businesses, moving away from inherited structures from the revolution of industry to more human and conscious elements co-built based on collective intelligence. She also writes regularly on LinkedIn and at talking4good.com. Bringing humour, horizon and openness into people’s model of the world is her first step to get them out of their myths and in movement.

Trevor Horne was born in the UK and is an international personal and business coach, NLP master practitioner, trainer, and writer. Initially trained in civil and commercial mediation in London, he now practises community mediation in Devon. Trevor has worked with small business start-ups, established businesses looking to grow to the next level, and he now specialises in international business growth. He has trained mediators with Devon and Somerset Law Society in the UK and the Mediators Institute of Ireland. Through his experience, Trevor has found that NLP is really the difference that makes the difference in mediation. Creating and holding that space for people to grow is a key to success.

In December 2015, Florence and Trevor published ‘Building Bridges’ a book about communication and facilitation of changes.


Communication is at the heart of everything we do. Agree? How to make this communication more than a conversation then? How to make it efficient and rewarding for all? This session is about shifting paradigm where communication is no longer’“about what is said’ but rather ‘about what is understood’, and still without assuming what happens in the other person’s head. We will explore a simple coaching model ‘BUILDING BRIDGES’ that is easy to use to improve communication and the efficiency of conversations. This session will build upon experiential activities, like a set of chapters to be written before being able to read the conclusion of the book. If you are not ready to increase the impact of your conversation, do not join us as this session is going to be really hands-on.

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