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Janice McNamara

How do you build on what the client already knows to ensure a lasting impact

Theme: Results
Area: Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Friday, Mar 03, 10:45
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Janice McNamara has almost 20 years of experience as a mentor, coach, facilitator, mediator and trainer, in the public, private and voluntary sectors. She works with Members of Parliament in the UK, utility suppliers, universities, engineering and food manufacturing, cultural leaders and international development agencies. To complete her ILM Diploma, she coached and mentored the team of an international development agency in China. This experience built upon her work across cultures, having worked in Namibia, Asia, Europe, South America, USA and Canada.

Janice works creatively, drawing upon her different specialisms and the client’s expertise. She is stimulated by working with people in different organisations, cultures and locations. She has a passion for her work and greatly enjoys helping others find their passion, enabling them to be at their best personally and professionally. Over time she has built the confidence to experiment and draw upon her other professional tools and techniques to enrich her mentoring and coaching. Her work is incredibly rewarding particularly if she is able to help individuals get past being stuck, widening their horizons, increasing self awareness and building trust and collaboration. Janice has developed successful mentoring programmes for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s), supporting managers, new staff and apprentices.


Mentoring is a powerful tool for the professional development of mentors and mentees, when embedded within an organisation. This session illustrates a innovative case study with the International Institute of Business Analysts UK [IIBA UK] that has tangible benefits for individuals, their organisations and their profession.

Demonstrating the huge benefits of really understanding the clients world. Drawing on their professional expertise to plan and deliver the mentoring scheme and within each mentoring relationship. This 12 month mentoring scheme has been co-created by Janice McNamara from the mentors perspective and Karl Shepherd the Professional Development Director IIBA UK, sharing the skills and mind set of Business Analysts. The scheme identifies transferrable skills between mentoring and business analysis, strengthening the individuals and the profession as a whole. This approach resonates with the work of Dr Paul Stokes, Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Who is researching a coaching model that equalises the balance in the coaching relationship by acknowledging the complementary skills of the coach and skilled coachee.

This interactive session presents videos of Karl Shepherd, mentors and mentees. Delegates will be asked to identify how they can work more closely to the clients world. Drawing on the clients professional competencies to co-create tailored mentoring.

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