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Jill Arkell & Akram Sabbagh

The exponential impact of team coaching – shifting from the conversation to the commercial

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experimental

Session on Thursday, Mar 02, 16:45
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Jill Arkell is a specialist team coach, working with leaders to build collaborative teams that truly leverage individual strengths to get results faster and have more fun along the way. She leads the AltusQ team coaching practice and is a passionate advocate for applying coaching methodologies to build and sustain team performance. She has over 30 years of commercial and coaching experience including as a senior leader in a project management organisation from which she gained a wealth of practical insights into the key reasons why teams succeed or fail. Jill’s clients range from leading multinationals to large government agencies, social enterprises and entrepreneurial SME’s.

Akram Sabbagh is a Partner and a Senior Coach with AltusQ. With over 30 years of commercial, business, and coaching experience behind him, Ak works with leaders and leadership teams at the Board, Senior Executive, and Management levels. His clients include government, banking and finance, property, legal, engineering, construction, advertising and IT. Ak is an accomplished facilitator who is often asked to work with dysfunctional teams (board level and down) to ‘bring out the best’ and to help transform the individuals and hence the teams.


In contemporary organisations, the self-managed team is fast replacing outdated hierarchical structures and the competitive behaviour that preferenced ‘self’ is now at odds with the new collaborative cultures. The implications for coaches are substantial and team coaching the exciting new frontier. It has the potential for both scale and impact that far exceeds that of 1:1 coaching and a client value proposition that is compelling. It is also a relatively untapped market. Whilst the number of 1:1 executive coaches continues to soar, those skilled in enabling teams are enjoying an open market.

This session will draw on real life case studies to explore effective team coaching. Participants will be taken through a powerful process to focus and align teams to enable the shift in behaviours from from ‘I’ to ‘we’ and explore a coaching methodology to build the trust and collaboration that underpins high performing teams. The session will also explore collaborative coaching models, leveraging parallel insights from the application of team coaching to clients to professionalising your own practice through the shift from sole operator to building a coaching team.

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