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KEYNOTE: Piet Jansen


Session on Friday, Mar 03, 12:10
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Piet Jansen is known for his motivating and eye-opening speeches. As our 3rd Keynote speaker, closing the 23rd Annual Conference, he would like to bring a message of hope and inspiration. Mental health is of growing concern to the World Health Organisation. It has even been included in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Coaching & counselling therefore plays a vital role in the well-being of private individuals and thus affects the human race in general. At Yes We Can Youth Clinics, coaching & counselling is considered an integral part of a multi-disciplinary approach helping people to overcome deadlock situations, sometimes even on the cutting edge between life and death. Just like he got inspired to help young people and their families, Piet hopes to inspire you with his story about the magic at Yes We Can Youth Clinics. He will intentionally be accompanied by a fellow (Yes We Can prefers this term over a “client”) and a Yes We Can coach/counsellor to provide insight that coaching & counselling is all about connecting on deeper levels, not distance. That coaching & counselling is all about humbleness, not ego’s. That coaching & counselling can make the difference in the lives of others. That the world will have to depend on coaching & counselling even more than ever before. That coaches & counsellors will have to cooperate with other disciplines to be successful. That coaching & counselling will have to be pure, from the heart, with the right intent, without labels and unconditional. That coaching & counselling sometimes needs to be confrontational. This is a Keynote not to be missed!


Piet Jansen is the International Relations Director of Yes We Can Youth Clinics, a specialised treatment centre for 13-25 year olds suffering from addictions, behavioural disorders and related behavioural problems.

After graduating in International Affairs, he went to Spain to study Spanish at a private language institute. Although it was meant to be for one month, he ultimately left the Netherlands for 7 years. Selling T-shirts to fellow students that had to pay for his daily doses of tapas, his entrepreneurship was duly noticed by the owner who asked him to join the company. Together they built the organisation to the conglomerate it is today, with schools and representing agencies all over the world. After having lived in Salamanca, London and Bordeaux, he came across a new venture in the Netherlands. From his office in Amsterdam, he built this agency from scratch to become the number one specialist for youth and student travel in the Benelux. His 7 years itch decided him to set up another business, this time with a focus on personality analysis, coaching & counselling. He believes profitable and sustainable business can only be achieved when the majority of staff does the job they love to do. But equally important, he also believes people need to be given the opportunity to unleash their potential. Managing and motivating people is an art in itself, for the greater part based on instinct and natural talents. With the introduction of psychometrics, he wanted to connect science with spirituality, ratio with emotion. He therefore developed his own tools and as a result consulted many organisations on strategic HR issues, from multinationals to small & medium sized companies. Getting educated in psychology and systemic coaching, he started to use his expertise and people skills to consult individuals on their path in life, both private and at work.

These experiences led him to write a novel called “Michelle, the quest of a woman”, featuring a mother and successful businesswomen who no longer believes in her marriage, asking herself how she got into such a mess and more importantly, how to get out. Again yet another 7 years, he met the founder of Yes We Can Youth Clinics. His story inspired him to get on board and assist the organisation to help as many young people in the world as possible.

Rogier Bunnigh. I am Rogier and since September 2009 with the help of ‘Yes We Can Youth Clinics’ I have stepped into a new life: a life without resources/stuff. After twenty-one years of using, my body was tired and it was choosing between life and death. By following the Twelve Steps that lead to recovery, I am now leading a life of happy moments in which I can enjoy all the good that comes on my path. Today I can do that what makes me so happy, and that is to help others who have been wrestling with the same emotions and feelings as that I have been dealing with. One day I had an email from my counsellor and after some time I was allowed to start working as a counsellor. That was what I wanted. When I was in the clinic myself, I saw a counsellor who did his job with so much passion and love. From that moment I told myself I wanted to do that too. And now, I am doing that, with very much passion and love. Just for Today!!!!!!

Shem Hanekroot. Four years ago I went to the ‘Yes We Can’ clinic. My recovery started right there. I have learned how to do it differently. Differently from all the years before I went there. When I was in the clinic (as a fellow), I always wanted to be like them, the coaches. After hard work, I have been able to make my dream come true. And now I can work for ‘Yes We Can Clinics’ as a youth coach, I can pass on what I have learned as well. For that, I am grateful… every day.

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