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Louie Gardiner

MASTERCLASS: Portals, patterns and paradigm shifts: it’s not what you do , it’s the way that you see it!

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Wednesday, Mar 01, 09:00
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Louie Gardiner is a passionate pioneer generating new ways to unleash learning and catalyse systemic shifts with individuals, groups, organisations and self-organising networks. She plays as a systemic OD consultant/practitioner, Executive Coach-confidante, Supervisor, facilitator and learning partner. Her immersive, subjective-empirical approach with people (human systems) underpins her doctoral inquiry.

Most frequently used word: ‘Play…’

Projects that Louie is most proud of include
- ‘REAL: Regenerating Engagement & Learning within and beyond Initiatives of Change…starting with ourselves’ + ‘Leading change for a sustainable world’ (IofC-UK & Switzerland)
- ‘Inspiring women leaders… Dare We?’ (Scotland 2011)
- ‘Inspiring Leaders Programme’ (Trafford MBC & Old Trafford Neighbourhood Management Group)
- ‘Women Leading The Way’ (Sheffield).

Louie’s most recent surprises include:
- Her doctoral ‘Abductive Fruits’ – SAM, SABs, SRP and MMM; systemic credentials of The Potent 6 Constellation and PAI+Participation Compass
- 83% in her French listening exam
- Becoming a poet!

Boring titles:
- PhD Researcher & Faculty Board Member
- Hull University Business School
- Director, Potent 6; Fellow of the RSA
- Associate the OCM
- ormer Trustee of The Hunger Project UK
- Visiting lecturer Sheffield Hallam, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Roffey Part Institute.


We make meaning and tell stories every day, in every situation in our lives. Our meaning-making and our meaning-making of meaning-making drives everything we do and say – as it does with our clients! Often we are unaware about how all-pervasive this never-ending cycle is. None of us are immune to it. Until we notice and understand it for what it is, we can do little about it. Approaches for ‘how to’ are awash in coaching, management and organisational development realms; theories abound in psychical arenas. Advances in neuroscience and the cognitive sciences offer explanations. Yet few of these truly help us navigate our in-the-moment reflexive practice. How can we sharpen our acuity, agility, fluency and artistry, moment-to-moment? Is it possible to do this simply AND in a way that reflects (rather than resists), honours (rather than denies) and works with (rather than against) the immense complexity that plays out within and between us?

As practitioners, we exercise power through our intention, attention and curiosity. The potency of our interventions are amplified by what we notice and illuminate. What we notice is shaped by how we see and understand ourselves and the world around us. This masterclass will – in structure, process and content – embody a complexity paradigm. Through it, you will experience a radically different way of working with people that breaks through limitations pervading much current thinking and practice. Interweaving theory into our practice, we will work experientially using the portals of the Potent 6 Constellation to reveal the constituents that drive every behavioural pattern that manifests in and through each of us. In so doing, you will begin to see, feel and appreciate that it is less about what we do that effects transformation and more about our capacity to illuminate what is present in each moment. You will discover ingredients that shape your own personal patterns. And you will witness how the simple act of illumination has the potency to trigger cascades of personal and systemic transformation – with nothing more to do, fix or ditch!

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