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Dr Michel Moral

Supervision in ‘strong coaching culture’ environments: organisation and techniques

Theme: Results
Area: Supervisopm
Type: Mainly Discussion
Style: Workshop

Session on Thursday, Mar 02, 12:30
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Dr Michel Moral spent most of his career in an international environment as a manager and executive. In 2003 he created a coaching and supervision practice. He holds a Master degree in Science & Technology and a PhD. in Clinical Psychology.

He has published ten books, out of which six related to our professions:
- One on intercultural management: Le manager global, Paris: Dunod, 2004,
- Six on coaching: Coaching, outils et pratiques, Paris:Armand Colin, 2006 ; Coaching d’équipe, outils et pratiques, Paris: Armand Colin, 2007 ; Coaching d’organisation, outils et pratiques, Paris: Armand Colin, 2008 ; Les outils du coach, Paris: InterEditions, 2011 ; Les outils de l’intelligence collective, Paris: InterEditions, 2013 ; The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching, London : Routledge, 2009 ;
- One on Supervision : Les outils de la supervision, Paris: InterEditions, 2015.

He trains coaches at University, supervises coaches and trains supervisors with Florence Lamy (who holds and ESQA from EMCC).

He holds an EIA at Master Practitioner level and has an ESIA accreditation.


The concept of ‘coaching culture’ was first introduced 10 years ago and is becoming more and more popular as some correlation exists between it and employee engagement and financial results. But, if we know a lot about the coaching side of it we have to admit that the supervision aspects of coaching culture have not yet been thought through.

Two key questions are raised: What organisation of the supervision is the most effective in a coaching culture and do we need new techniques? Starting from a survey done in France this session will explore these two questions.

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