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Péter Generál and Andrea Mezei

Beyond boundaries

Theme: Competence
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on Friday, Mar 03, 09:00
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Péter Generál and Andrea Mezei were amongs the ones who founded coaching in Hungary at an OD company 15 years ago. They continually develop their practice and started an Integrated Coaching School (EMCC and ICF accredited) in Hungary 6 years ago. They do supervision and built up a real coaching community.


The learning objective of this workshop is to understand and experience the boundaries of coaching and the limitless opportunities inside these boundaries. Participants will have the opportunity to look beyond the limitations and boundaries of the different coaching competencies and concepts and gain experience of using them without limitations by creating strong intimacy. Our exercises will show a systemic approach and also our integral approach (Gestalt, NLP, CBC, Rogers method, psychodrama, Ken Wilber) that exceeds the boundaries of the different coaching concepts. Overall this workshop overall is a real opportunity to think through the current coaching definitions and beliefs of each participant and be an experimental inspiration to go beyond their current coaching boundaries and intimacy.

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