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Dr Przemysław Duchniewicz

Primum non nocere: the role of feelings, longings, defences and anxiety regulation in coaching and mentoring practice

Theme: Competence
Area: Mentoring & Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Experimental

Session on Friday, Mar 03, 09:00
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Dr Przemysław Duchniewicz MD MBA is an international speaker in the field of health promotion, responsible for corporate health education programmes in Central Europe. He co-founded Mars Wellness, Health and Resilience Academy and is a partner in Forid, OPP’s Polish training partner. He is the a past President of EMCC Poland and currently represents the Polish Association for Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. He has 20 years experience of marriage practice, three sons and a dog.


Primum non nocere means before you use any technique you need to take care of your client so that there is no accident during, in between, as well as after the session. The by-product of this approach is a better working relationship and more responsibility being taken by our clients, we can notice that our clients are more aware and more in control. The following models will be incorporated into the interactive workshop: recognition and role of emotions, defences, ego adaptative capacity, anxiety as signal emotion, patterns of defences we put into operation to prevent being closer to others and our self. Practical examples and ideas will also be shared which we can use in our coaching and mentoring practice.

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