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Sheila Stokes White

The ethical mentor

Theme: Competence
Area: Mentoring
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Discussion

Session on Friday, Mar 03, 09:00
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Sheila Stokes White is passionate about her subject and has the charisma, experience and skill to ensure a fascinating and absorbing workshop session exploring the challenges which are presented in workplace situations around ethics and principles which have become considerably more complex in the digital age. Can an ethical environment be created and nurtured which helps the resolution of some of these dilemmas? Sheila believes that this is possible and with her many years experience as a mentor, strategic adviser, facilitator and creator of organisation development solutions she can bring a range of perspectives to this fascinating and increasingly important issue. Known for her engaging and inclusive approach to leading discussions about sensitive and often intractable issues, this workshop is sure to provoke, stimulate and inform its audience.


This is a session which explores the concept of ethics in an absorbing and unusual way. The session will begin with an introduction delivered with a light and informal touch establishing some key issues illustrated by interesting examples. This will be followed by interactive exercises and group discussion to consider how mentors can support individuals in an organisation to resolve their challenges and dilemmas. The key focus will be on the daily reality of ethical dilemmas and how the organisation can create an environment which simplifies the resolution of challenging issues. It explores the potential building blocks which support an ethical environment. Presented in an inclusive and engaging style, the workshop looks at the ways in which an ethical environment can be created which provides the foundation for an ethical organisation. The facilitated discussion will provide an opportunity for mentors to explore issues of values, ethics and principles in their own professional practice with organisations and individuals, learn more what may be the key constituents of an ethical environment and gain a clearer understanding of their own potential contribution to the development and nurture of an ethical environment

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