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Sue Burnell

Stakeholder management: a no brainer or an opportunity to move beyond the traditional relationships to something more?

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Workshop
Style: Mainly Lecture

Session on Wednesday, Mar 01, 15:25
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Sue Burnell is an independent coach at Accelerated Success who specialises in working with leaders in the technology sector that are driving change for business growth but have no training in change management. She helps them learn to foster change with agility. Sue isn’t an academic but has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Coaching & Mentoring Practice (Oxford Brookes in the UK). She engages in practitioner research to constantly improve her practice. The stakeholder management insights and questions she is sharing today are emerging from many years of action research and more recently from training in Nancy Kline’s ‘Thinking Environment’.


Stakeholder management in coaching has come of age: good research has provided us with guides to good practice and contracting models. In addition to transparency and accountability, is there something more we can aspire to beyond the contractual relationship? What are the possibilities that exist beyond the contracting process? And is it our place to aspire?

During my 13 year relationship with a client organisation, by engaging in action research and group supervision, I have observed how long established, trusting relationships with stakeholders and sponsors can evolve and the coach can add value to the client company in unexpected ways. Similarly, the relationship has in turn enriched my practice.

What was the journey and how was it enabled? What has the benefit been to me, to other parties and how do results show up in the field? In particular we will scrutinise how I raised awareness of the how few women occupied senior positions in the company – something that is now changing.
Join me in this on-going enquiry where we will explore the roles a coach may consider adopting with sponsors and stakeholders, thinking about the benefits as well as the risks to all parties. You will be invited to share your own experiences and come to your own conclusions.

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