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Vincent Traynor

Get into ’flow’ - the opportunities and pitfalls of Csikszentmihályi’s ‘flow’

Theme: Practice
Area: Coaching
Type: Demonstration
Style: Mainly Experimental

Session on Wednesday, Mar 01, 15:25
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Vincent Traynor is a highly experienced educator, coach, organisation consultant and supervisor, with dual roles as an independent practitioner and academic. As an independent practitioner he facilitates transformational change and learning for individuals, teams and organisations. Clients describe him as engaging, inspiring, challenging and supportive. Vincent is also the academic course leader in the UK for Sheffield Hallam University’s MSc in Coaching & Mentoring, one of just a few universities in Europe to be accredited by the EMCC at Senior Practitioner level.

Vincent is able to think conceptually, and work practically, with the dynamics of individuals as well as those of organisational systems. He is skilled working experientially and his work is driven primarily by his expertise in organisations, leadership, Gestalt psychology and systems psycho-dynamics. He has held senior leadership and change roles in a variety of public and private-sector organisations and holds postgraduate qualifications in coaching, supervision and organisation consulting from the Tavistock Institute, Manchester Business School, Leeds Beckett University and UCL London.


Many of us have heard of the psychological state of ‘flow’, which has been examined by Csikszentmihályi, and many will have experienced its feeling of being single-mindedly immersed in a task. The idea of being ‘in the zone’ will appeal to us as practitioners both for our own development and performance and that of our clients. I believe, however, it’s time to re-acquaint ourselves with this important psychological state and examine how it may be helping, and potentially hindering, our work. What if, for example, we are in a state of flow with our clients but they are not? How would we know? Also, what might it mean for both coach and client to be in flow together? How might we make this happen? And is there a limit to what can be achieved?

This experiential session will offer you the opportunity to re-examine your own ‘take’ on ‘flow’ and reflect on how you could be using it more effectively.

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